Listen to the voices of patients, their families, caregivers, patient advocates, and health care professionals, and find the gold within their trial experiences that could change clinical trial outcomes and create the next innovation!

Join us online October 25, 2023 from 12-3pm EDT to hear stories on: 

  • Patient and Researcher Collaboration
  • Diversity in Clinical Trial Enrollment
  • Intertwining of Rare and Common Diseases
  • Technology, Science, and Policy for Better Access  
  • Historic Patient Innovation in Recent Drug Approvals
  • Reasons for Hope at the Frontier of Drug Development
  • Therapeutic areas covered include Neurology, Oncology, Heart Diseases, Rare Diseases, and many others.

This event is designed for patients, their families, and advocates; experienced healthcare, clinical research, and public health professionals; Sponsor and CRO professionals; Caregivers with an interest in clinical trials; and Students and young professionals considering careers in clinical research and public health.