Submit YOUR ideas for the WCG Innovation Challenge! 

Submission Deadline is Mar. 10, 2023. There is no entry fee!

WCG MAGI recognizes that our clinical trial industry is filled with individuals and teams who are developing bright new ideas all the time. After each MAGI conference we receive a lot of feedback about what an amazing group of attendees attended the conference and the fact that everyone loves sharing innovative ideas with one another. These interactions often inspire attendees to go home and incorporate some of those new ideas into their own policies and procedures. 

To highlight some of these fantastic ideas, WCG is providing an opportunity for those who have interesting, innovative ideas related to clinical trial site efficiency, increased performance, or quality improvement to submit to the WCG Innovation Challenge! Submissions can be novel ideas, or the result of a completed project - we're open to anything!   

Innovations that are selected by the review panel will be presented to the WCG MAGI audience in a special Plenary session at the WCG MAGI meeting in Philadelphia, and the winning innovation will be chosen by the WCG MAGI audience. 

Ideas will be evaluated on novelty, resources to execute, ability to move from ideation to production, and the overall impact on an outcome of efficiency, performance or quality. Important and innovative ideas don’t have to be complicated. 

Submissions will be reviewed by the Moderator (Jill Johnston) and the WCG MAGI Steering Committee, to select the innovations chosen for presentation at the meeting 

  • The finalists will have exactly 5 minutes - and not a second more! - to present their solution live during the event., followed by a 5-minute Q&A session with the Steering Committee 

  • After the presentations, the audience will vote on a winner 

Finalists who are chosen to present in the WCG Innovation Challenge receive these unique benefits: 

  • Becoming a member of the WCG MAGI conference faculty, including free conference registration 

  • An exclusive presentation showcasing your unique solution 

  • An article about your innovation in CenterWatch Weekly, which reaches 220,000 people  

If you have previously submitted to the WCG Innovation Challenge and were selected as a finalist, you may not submit the same project again. Submissions describing commercial products or commercial organizations, or that involve the use of tools or software owned by the submitter or their organization are not eligible. If you have a commercial product, please contact James DeFalco for information about the Innovation Theater opportunities at WCG MAGI.

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