Want to conquer your in-bound pharma supply chain issues? You can develop better ways of working to improve materials availability now and going forward.

To be sure, COVID-19 didn’t cause the biomanufacturing industry’s supply chain issues but it did put them in the spotlight. And as the pandemic becomes endemic, it is up to us to solve these problems for good.

Robert Brooks, PhD, phorum leader for BioPhorum Supply Partner, will empower you to improve the in-bound supply chain by providing a full understanding of the industry proposal for a simplified registration process of complex and innovative raw materials based on the application of quality by design (QbD) and ICH Q12 principles.

You will come away with a deeper understanding of your role as it pertains to change management. And you’ll understand how to make better biotherapeutics by incorporating well-managed and agile change control practices, ultimately improving materials availability.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Why the improved change control approach is a fit for the needs of the industry and the needs of patients
  • How to implement the QbD and ICH Q12 method proposed by BioPhorum as part of an approach to the registration of innovative raw materials using QbD principles
  • How being agile regarding change will alleviate the current situation for the availability of raw materials for your own production and for production across the industry
  • What your role is in making this happen for the benefit of the industry and the patients you serve


You can improve supply chain issues. It begins with this webinar.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Regulatory, Compliance and Supplier Quality Assurance SVP/VP (Biomanufacturers)
  • Sourcing and Procurement SVP/VP (Biomanufacturers)
  • Network Strategy SVP/VP (Biomanufacturers)
  • Business Development SVP/VP (Suppliers)
  • Product Development/Technical Support SVP/VP (Suppliers)
  • Regulatory, Compliance and Quality
  • Assurance Finished Goods/Product Release SVP/VP (Suppliers)