With a growing number of medical products out in the marketplace, manufacturers must find effective and efficient ways to differentiate their devices and drugs from the rest — and past tried-and-true methods just aren’t sufficient anymore.

Between the shifting digital landscape and the COVID-19 pandemic, personal promotion models aren’t enough to reach healthcare practitioners, patients and payors. Manufacturers need to develop alternative ways to connect with customers, adapting and innovating while prioritizing digital and virtual — online events, meetings and conferences — promotion and marketing avenues. These methods were pushed to the forefront during the global health crisis and they’re here to stay.

Have you found your virtual marketing and promotion path? Is your team adjusting its tactics to include digital interactions? Do you know how your plans fare against the current legal and regulatory framework?

Marketing and promotion experts Susan Lee and Elizabeth Mulkey will share insights on how FDA regulations and guidance apply to digital and virtual promotion, what compliance considerations organizations need to be making and examples of digital marketing tactics used by life sciences groups. They will also explore the possible legal and regulatory risks that could arise when reviewers assess these materials.

Key webinar takeaways:

  • Advertising and Promotion Regulations and Guidance
  1. FDA regulations and guidance related to digital and virtual promotion and marketing tactics
  2. Guidance connected to recent plans from medical product manufacturers
  3. Legal and regulatory considerations implicated by digital and virtual activities
  4. Assessing the existing enforcement environment at regulatory agencies
  • The Future of Promotions and Marketing
  1. GExpectations around the lasting presence of virtual promotions
  2. GImpacts of virtual promotions on in-person activities
  3. GExamples and case studies of current digital and virtual marketing tactics
  • Assessing Compliance Considerations
  1. GDetermining the existing enforcement environment at regulatory agencies
  2. GRed flags and risk areas that legal and regulatory reviewers may spot when assessing virtual promotion materials
  3. GManaging risk around promotional emails and videos


Even before the global health crisis hit, drug and devicemakers were seeing the potential in in digital and virtual promotion and marketing activities. It’s now clear these methods aren’t going anywhere.

Ensure your team has the tools it needs to be successful in its electronic promotion tactics — and that your organization remains in compliance with the FDA.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Biopharma and medical device companies
  • Advertising agencies and vendors that provide promotion or marketing products and services to biopharma and medical device companies
  • Product marketers
  • Sales leadership
  • Regulatory, legal and compliance personnel 
  • Staff reviewing and monitoring sales and marketing materials and practices
  • Regulatory affairs staff
  • Commercial operations leaders