Are your documents as organized as you think they are? Can you easily put your hands on the documents FDA investigators request? Or are you searching for that needle in a haystack?

Paper documents unscanned. Naming conventions that don’t make sense. Emails as GXP documentation. Poor communication with the vendors that generate your data. Non-functional (or non-existent) SOPs. Documents missing altogether. Yes, data retrieval is in a sorry state at far too many drug, device, biologics and diagnostics companies.

But your next inspection day doesn’t need to become a scavenger hunt. Create effective new SOPs for electronic document management or improve existing ones. It’s easy — when you know how.

FDAnews has invited a leading GXP (GCP/GLP/GMP) consultant to help you get control of your data. In 90 fast-paced minutes you’ll learn the basics of developing best practices and SOPs that turn inspection nightmares into routine management tasks.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • How to determine which data are most likely to be requested during an inspection
  • Developing assessments to gauge the risk of not being able to find a document
  • The “Top 10” questions to ask about your archival process
  • What to do when documents are not in the general archives
  • When emails do count as GXP documentation
  • How to explain missing documents to investigators
  • If source data is electronic, how to provide access to the regulatory authority
  • If source data is paper that was scanned, what to do with the originals

Don’t go searching for the needle in a haystack on inspection day.

Who Will Benefit:

  • QA/QC managers and staff
  • Document managers and staff
  • Regulatory affairs managers and staff
  • IT managers and staff