WCG Innovation Challenge
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location Name
Commonwealth B-D (2nd Fl)

WCG MAGI recognizes that our clinical trial industry is filled with individuals and teams who are developing bright new ideas all the time. After each WCG MAGI conference, we receive a lot of feedback about what an amazing group of attendees attended the conference and the fact that everyone loves sharing innovative ideas with one another. These interactions often inspire attendees to go home and incorporate some of those new ideas into their own policies and procedures. 

To highlight some of these fantastic ideas, WCG is providing an opportunity for those who have interesting, innovative ideas related to clinical trial site efficiency, increased performance, or quality improvement to present at the WCG Innovation Challenge.

The following Innovations were selected by the review panel and will be presented to the WCG MAGI audience in a special Plenary session at the WCG MAGI meeting in Philadelphia, and the winning innovation will be chosen by the WCG MAGI audience. 

  • Catherine Barnes: Bloom: An Innovative Study Start-Up Process Mapping Tool
  • Michelle Bryant: Mercy Research Education and Onboarding Program: An Effective and Efficient Research Learning Experience
  • Wilfredo de Jesus Monge: Application of Oncology Patient Navigation Principles to Address Barriers to Research Subject Participation, Retention, and Compliance
  • Nicole Stiff: Bringing Screening Activities to the Community
  • Kate McCaffrey: The New Era: Combating Clinical Research Turnover with a Multifaceted Approach
Jill Johnston Catherine Barnes Michelle Bryant Wilfredo De Jesus-Monge Kate McCaffrey Nicole Stiff
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