Will your clinical data withstand FDA and Department of Justice (DOJ) scrutiny of your drug development program, from preclinical development through clinical trials and ultimately to market approval?

It can if you attend this webinar that will show you how to ensure your data is accurate and reliable throughout the whole process.

It’s no secret that the FDA is more concerned than ever about the integrity of clinical data.

With stories about falsified data in the news recently, the agency is more vigilant than ever, and the DOJ’s Consumer Protection Branch is focusing on identifying fraud in the development of clinical data as one of its four key targets for enforcement this year. Consider your data integrity to be under a microscope.

In this session, three members of King & Spalding’s FDA and Life Sciences practice — two of whom are FDA veterans — will share what you must know and do to avoid data integrity-related FDA and DOJ enforcement action.

Beverly Lorell, senior medical and policy advisor, and partners Peter Leininger and Mark Brown will use hypotheticals and role-playing to highlight best practices for sponsors to spot and mitigate high-risk issues related to the integrity of clinical data and its uses before and after product approval, as well as in crisis management.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • How disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic opened the door for unintended and deliberate breaches of the development of clinical data
  • Recent trends in FDA warning letters that signal a shift from the agency’s focus during the pandemic to the emerging “new normal” of scrutiny and inspections related to the development of clinical data and its integrity
  • New modes of FDA enforcement, including those related to sponsor disclosure of clinical results on ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Key fact patterns that may trigger a DOJ decision in collaboration with the FDA to initiate criminal prosecution of an individual or firm related to fraud or falsification of clinical data used to support an application, as well as debarment by the FDA

If you want to prevent data-related enforcement action — and criminal prosecution — you must attend this webinar. Your data integrity depends on it.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Legal leadership and staff
  • Regulatory officers and staff
  • Compliance officers and staff
  • CROs
  • Research institutions