A new level of demand in biopharmaceutical manufacturing in recent years upended the industry supply chain. This was before COVID-19.

Then the pandemic shock-loaded demand onto the inbound supply chain, setting unprecedented levels, especially with single-use and cell culture-based systems.

Not only are there no signs of this letting up post-pandemic, all signs point to it accelerating.

Will you use what was learned in the pandemic to work smarter and faster going forward? All while maintaining integrity of production oversight and approval?

How you manage production based on single-use and cell culture systems now will dictate what happens to your organization… and the industry.

Develop a joint audit program approach, for example, and you’ll improve the in-bound supply chain and reduce costs. Create more robust risk management mitigation strategies and increase productivity while lowering cost.

In this webinar, Robert Brooks, PhD, phorum leader for BioPhorum Supply Partner, shares how to harness COVID-era — and post-COVID — supply requirements, so you can speed up the supply chain.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Develop a joint audit program approach to improve the overall quality assessment of the in-bound supply chain — and reduce the overall cost for biomanufacturers and suppliers
  • Better plan for demand while developing more useful risk management mitigation strategies to increase productivity and lower cost
  • Recognize what the supplier industry is focused on doing to alleviate long-term surety of supply issues by increasing capacity of supply sites from multiple sources — and how the biomanufacturing industry can help
  • Accept X-ray sterilization as a viable alternative to gamma irradiation for single-use systems, driving a supply-change notification approach and subsequent change impact assessment and validation package for the industry
  • Adopt electronic data exchange to improve the quality (accuracy, data integrity, reduction of communication errors) and speed of data transmission relating to manufacturing conditions and specifications of raw materials and single use/systems component
  • Use certificate of analysis to ensure quality inspections, robust process improvement and invaluable electronically batch record compilation for real-time release of batches

The supply chain may be forever changed by the pandemic, but you can adjust to boost the supply of raw materials and make it more productive. 

Who Will Benefit:

  • Auditors and quality professionals  

  • Biomanufacturer supplier QA   

  • Biomanufacturer sourcing and procurement  

  • Biomanufacturer network strategy  

  • Supplier business development  

  • Supplier product development/technical support  

  • Supplier QA finished goods/product release