WCG MAGI 2023 East Winner & Finalists

2023 East Winner!

Bloom Process Mapping Tool
- Catherine C.F. Barnes, MS, CCRP, UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine


Mercy Research Education and Onboarding Program: An Effective and Efficient Research Learning Experience
- Michelle Bryant, MPH, CHRC, Mercy Research

Application of Oncology Patient Navigation Principles to Address Barriers to Research Subject Participation, Retention, and Compliance
- Wilfredo E. De Jesus-Monge, MD, MSc, Hospitales HIMA•San Pablo

The New Era: Combating Clinical Research Turnover with a Multifaceted Approach
- Kate McCaffrey, BS MBA, Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute

Innovative Strategies for Patient Recruitment & Community Health Screenings
- Nicole Stiff, ACRP-CP, Revival Research Institute