Serialization and unique device identifiers (UDI) deliver compliance. They are NOT the sole mechanism to provide healthcare supply chain protection. BUT, the standardized barcoding and associated data can combine to create a powerful layer of product protection.

Taking serialized information and integrating it effectively throughout the distribution chain—including EVERY level—is critical to stopping counterfeits. This effort may go far beyond the data exchange and reporting required by the regulations. True track and trace of individual items throughout the supply chain is necessary and may be more involved than just what is needed from compliance.

Finally, we can look at purely digital benefits leveraged from these barcodes for assured product authentication and the possibilities for enriched patient engagement.

What We Will Cover:

  • Why supply chain traceability and product authentication capabilities can be essential to protect the healthcare medical device.
  • High-profile use cases and real-world examples of issues as well as the steps taken to solve the problem. Proactively including these techniques can prevent issues from occurring in the first place.
  • How to maximize the value of compliance barcodes and leverage them as a strong authentication layer.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Risk management 
  • Regulatory affairs 

  • Project management / coordinator 

  • Manufacturing  

  • Packaging 

  • Operations 

  • Supply Chain 

Meet Your Presenters

Dave DeJean
Vice President, Global Strategic Accounts

Dave Dejean is responsible for Systech’s strategic opportunities. He supports and educates customers and stakeholders on best practices for implementing enterprise serialization, traceability and authentication solutions. Dave brings over 35 years of market knowledge and hands-on experience in solutions development and project methodology related to regulatory compliance, brand protection and supply chain traceability. He is a subject matter expert in packaging execution systems, product identification and supply chain transparency in heavily regulated pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Steve Tallant
Director of Market Development

Steve Tallant is a software product management and marketing expert with more than 25 years of experience exclusively in the software industry. Currently Director of Market Development for Systech, Steve has worked in several vertical markets with enabling technologies, including anti-counterfeiting, supply chain and product lifecycle management. As a thought leader, Steve has written several white papers and frequently contributes content to global publications spanning several industries. His specialty areas include supply chain transparency, traceability, product authentication and brand protection.