Nadine Spring
Full Name
Dr. Nadine Spring
Job Title
Assistant Professor
University of Bridgeport
Speaker Bio

Dr. Nadine Spring currently serves as the Associate Director and Assistant Professor for the Master's in Public Health Program at the University of Bridgeport. Her academic journey reflects an unwavering commitment to advancing health equity and promoting diversity within clinical trials. Dr. Spring's professional trajectory has been dedicated to addressing disparities in healthcare access. Her passion for fostering inclusivity in research methodologies has driven her to actively contribute to reshaping the landscape of clinical trials.

Dr. Spring's influence extends beyond her research endeavors. She is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of public health professionals. She imparts the values of equity, patient-centered outcomes, and community-centric healthcare practices to her students, instilling in them a deep sense of responsibility for creating positive change in the field.

Outside of her academic pursuits, Dr. Spring embraces her curiosity for diverse cultures. Whether through literature, travel, or exploring global cuisines, she seeks to broaden her understanding of the world and bring a rich tapestry of experiences to her professional and personal life.9 In her free time, Dr. Spring loves to read, explore nature, is an open-water SCUBA diver, enjoys traveling and trying cuisines from different cultures.  Her most important role is that of being a Mom.