Mazhar Jaffry
Full Name
Mazhar Jaffry
Job Title
Revival Research Institute, LLC
Speaker Bio

Mazhar Jaffry is the CEO of Revival Research Institute and has over 32 years of expertise in the healthcare field. He has been a valuable resource for the Clinical Research industry from its inception. Mazhar Jaffry has long been an outspoken supporter of patient-centered care. His trailblazing initiatives, novel therapeutic approaches, collaborative efforts, ethical practices, and mentorship have collectively expanded medical knowledge and enhanced patient care.

The journey of Mazhar in the healthcare industry commenced with the inauguration of Mazhar Hospital in 1993. Starting as a 100-bedded facility in Multan, Pakistan, and the neighboring underserved regions, the hospital swiftly emerged as one of the most impactful philanthropic endeavors in the area. Mazhar's consistent reliance on Johnson & Johnson's products for the hospital significantly elevated his reputation as a trusted healthcare provider.

This recognition led Johnson & Johnson to recruit him as a Senior Product Manager, propelling him into a global corporate career. Yet, despite the prestigious positions he assumed and the respect they brought with them, Mazhar's true vocation was always rooted in philanthropy and scientific exploration. By 2015, his calling became too potent to neglect, prompting Mazhar to establish Prime ACO and Revival Research Institute. His journey is a testament to his dedication to healthcare and his continuous drive to improve the lives of those in his community and beyond.

The tragic loss of an immediate family member to cancer marked a pivotal moment for Mazhar, highlighting the alarming inadequacies within the medical industry to comb at such a formidable foe. This life-altering event catalyzed the establishment of two significant healthcare entities in the USA in 2015 - Prime ACO and the Revive Research Institute.

Prime ACO centered its efforts on advocating for healthcare accountability, chiefly aiming to enhance care and service for Medicare Fee-for-Service patients. On the other hand, the Revival Research Institute was conceived with the objective to make robust contributions to the medical industry via research and development initiatives.

As Revival Research Institute witnessed burgeoning success, it inspired Mazhar to extend the organization's footprint to various locations across the United States. The institute plunged into exploring the complexities of the numerous diseases and health issues that affect today's population and are likely to impact future generations. This expansion reflected Mazhar's relentless commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes and his unwavering resolve to understand and combat the myriad of diseases plaguing humanity — one clinical trial at a time.

In addition to his professional achievements, Mazhar has undertaken an array of philanthropic initiatives with an emphasis on promoting women's empowerment. He recently completed the construction of a hospital in a remote region of Haiti, known as 'Miragoane', coupled with an orphanage specifically designed for girls. Mazhar is a staunch advocate of equal employment opportunities and is committed to creating jobs globally. His belief in collaboration underscores his approach to healthcare, emphasizing that by working collectively, greater value can be added to the industry and roles can be performed more effectively. His contributions extend far beyond his medical practice, demonstrating a profound commitment to community service and global health advancements.