Mark Sulik
Full Name
Dr. Mark Sulik
Job Title
Executive Director
Rocky Mountain Clinical Research, LLC.
Speaker Bio

Mark Sulik, PharmD, CCRP, is the Director of Clinical Research for Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center. Along with the many administrative responsibilities of a research director, Mark maintains robust communication and information exchange between the clinical trial investigators and the research teams at Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center.

After Graduating from the pharmacy program at Idaho State University in 1999, Mark worked as a clinical and out-patient pharmacist for Pocatello Regional Medical Center. He then worked as a consulting pharmacist for 12 nursing homes in Southern Idaho. Mark then took a position working at Rite Aid as a pharmacist, where he worked for nearly six years before joining Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center. During his time at Rite Aid, Mark was selected to be one of the pharmacists to complete the Pharmacy Partners in Diabetes Care Program, which included extensive education and training in the treatment of diabetes and associated complications.

As a Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP), Mark is uniquely qualified to manage and execute clinical research projects that are essential to the progress of diabetes treatment. During his time at Rocky Mountain Diabetes, Mark has established detailed record keeping and precise implementation of a variety of clinical research projects for many of the leading pharmaceutical companies. With the strict standards and regulatory requirements of the FDA and other agencies, Mark has implemented strict standard operating procedures (SOPs), an extensive quality assurance (QA) program, and comprehensive training programs for all research department personnel. By doing so, he ensures an optimal and efficient clinical research facility that is able to handle the most demanding clinical trials.

Mark has also served on several advisory boards for Eli Lilly, helping to make protocol development more efficient. His involvement has helped improve data collection and further the development and improvements of electronic diaries for subject use. Mark also works very closely with the diabetes and endocrinology specialists, Dr. Carl Vance, Dr. David Lilijenquist and Dr. Joshua Smith in conducting clinical trials. Mark’s meticulous work with the entire clinical research staff establishes the highest caliber of clinical research studies available in the United States and around the world.

While most of Mark’s duties are administrative, he still enjoys coordinating clinical trials when possible. His greatest joy is helping people who want to succeed and improve their health and lifestyle. He continually strives to find ways to make the research process more efficient and more enjoyable for all involved.

Personal Background

Mark was born in Pocatello, Idaho and graduated from Soda Springs High School where he was an accomplished trombone player.

He married his best friend after serving a two-year church mission in Frankfurt Germany.

Mark likes to cook, eat, and play racquetball. He also enjoys a round of golf when he gets a chance.