Laurie Stone
Full Name
Mrs. Laurie Stone
Job Title
Clarkston Consulting
Speaker Bio

Laurie is a Director at Clarkston Consulting with 20+ years experience in the life science and pharmaceutical industry with a passion for leadership, resource development, team building, and out of the box thinking. Laurie’s experience across different stages of development, provides sound expertise in quality, management, and compliance in the biotech, pharma, and medical device industries. With her clinical operations leadership, Laurie is able to combine both the scientific aspects of clinical research with business management to help guide organizations and researchers toward developing new and exciting medical breakthroughs. Clinical trials are complex, and include many moving parts, from subject recruitment to final FDA approval. This requires meticulous analyzation of data, people, processes, and systems to identify areas for improvement as well as executing necessary modifications. Laurie is effective in collaborating with customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders to ensure the timely completion of projects to support the fulfillment of a company’s research objectives.