Quality culture, quality by design, data integrity — these are more than mere buzzwords. They are the backbone of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and they are inextricably linked, especially in the eyes of the FDA and other regulators. But everyone seems to have a different idea of what these terms mean and how they fit together.

Can you have a culture of quality without strong data integrity protections? Probably not. Does data integrity make a quality culture by itself? No. Is everyone in your organization responsible for setting and maintaining a culture of quality? Absolutely.

In this webinar, industry thought leader Kara Quinn will dive deep into the concept of quality culture and the role data integrity plays in it. She’ll explore how different stakeholders in an organization contribute to the culture. She’ll explain how quality culture needs to start at the top with executive leadership promoting and committing to the concept and then filter all the way through a company so that everyone understands what it means, how important it is and how they can contribute to it.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • How the FDA measures quality culture through the lens of warning letters citing data integrity failures
  • FDA inspection trends related to quality and data integrity
  • How to comply with the FDA’s guidance on data integrity by taking a back-to-basics approach
  • How to differentially apply FDA’s guidance to electronic vs. paper-based systems
  • How to develop a world-class quality culture incorporating realistic performance outcomes and transparency
  • How to develop and implement best practices in right-first-time data capture and continuous data integrity verification, such as quality-by-design and quality risk management
  • How to overcome the practical challenges to data integrity and quality culture integration, including human nature and leadership behaviors

Quality culture and data integrity shouldn’t be just lofty goals; they need to be a matter of everyday practice. Join us for this webinar to learn how to make it so.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Quality assurance professionals (all levels)
  • Quality control professionals (all levels)
  • Operations personnel (all levels)