Loretta Veney

Loretta Veney

Patient Advocate and Inspirational Speaker



In 2006 during the height of Loretta Woodward Veney's forty-year security management career, her beloved Mom Doris was diagnosed with dementia. Loretta began learning everything she could about the disease and hoped to share that information so others could be more prepared for this devastating diagnosis than she had been. In 2013, that hope turned into Loretta's first book, Being My Mom's Mom, which provides strategies for preparation, patience and hope for caregivers . Loretta had the unwavering support of her husband Tim who did everything possible to be of help to Doris along this journey, and together they were Team Veney!  

By the middle of 2013 Loretta began receiving requests for presentations on her caregiver experience, and since that time she has given more than 300 presentations and keynote addresses. 

In the summer of 2016, after almost 31 years of marriage, Tim died after a very brief illness while he and Loretta were traveling in NY. Loretta's second book called Refreshment for the Caregiver's Spirit was dedicated to Tim and created to inspire caregivers through tough days and long nights.  

Loretta retired from her security career in June of 2021 to focus solely on Inspirational Speaking! Doris Woodward's 16-year journey with dementia ended on January 31, 2022.  She was also affectionately known as Wonder Woman and will be truly missed by all who knew and loved her!  

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