Drugmakers, Build a World-Class Advertising and Promotion Review Program

The world of drug advertising and promotion is filled with talented people but you still need help. Not with creating better ads and promotions — you already know how to do that — but for making sure your promotional activities aren't magnets for FDA untitled letters.

Come to Philadelphia in September for two days of full learning. You'll arrive back home with a bag full of tricks and tips to keep your marketing efforts squeaky-clean.

Be up to date with the latest regulatory and enforcement trends. The agenda includes:

  • Understanding Preapproval Communications: Don't get on the FDA's or SEC's radar screens before your product is even approved. Learn how to properly disclose information and remain in compliance.
  • How to Maximize Disease Awareness Communications: Take away valuable tips and tricks for using disease awareness communications before and after approval.
  • Hurray! You're Approved: Build the most aggressive — but compliant — campaign from first day of approval to commercial launch.
  • Assuring Your Promotions Meet FDA Off-Label Standards: Successfully navigate traps that can earn you a warning letter.
  • Itching to do More with Social Media?: Discover how to get your message out there ... without crossing the line.

Who Will Benefit

  • Advertising and marketing managers
  • Social media teams
  • Promotion review committee members
  • Medical affairs
  • Continuing education and tradeshow organizers
  • Regulatory compliance officers
  • PRC coordinators
  • Legal Counsel
  • Compliance
  • Executive management
  • Outside ad agencies and marketing consultants

And here's a bright idea: Pass this on to your ad agency or marketing consultant. Better yet, bring them along for a crash course in the stuff they need to know too! 

Your workshop leader is Dale Cooke, President of PhillyCooke Consulting. Mr. Cooke's practice specializes in helping FDA-regulated companies develop compliant promotional tactics and improve the promotional review. He is the author of Effective Review & Approval of Digital Promotional Tactics.

Whatever your line of endeavor — drugs or biologics — if you advertise, the FDA impacts you. Why risk a warning letter when compliance help is so close at hand?  

Plus, aside from the great agenda, the workshop binder alone is worth the tuition cost: checklists for promotion approvals/effective review, relevant sections of Form 2253 [CFR], PhRMA's Principles on DTC Advertising and Principles on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, and more!

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
All meeting attendees must have completed an initial primary series of COVID-19 vaccination. The Clear website/app will be used to collect vaccination documentation in advance of the conference. Details will be provided later.